Hot Race Tyres sign Fabrizio Teghesi

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Italian company Hot Race Tyres have announced the signing of italian driver Fabrizio Teghesi to their team. The former italian champion is very well known in the industry as a great guy who works super hard and for this reason Fabrizio will be not only a new factory driver but also a new italian team manager. Fabrizio had the following to say:

“I know Nicola from many years, I knew him as a friend but not from a “business point of view”.

I received a proposal from him even before his start in the off road market, and my passionate advice was to tell him to desist from starting this journey in a difficult world of buggy off road … His answer so natural surprised me . “Nico” answered : “If it is difficult it means I will work even harder to get a good results, it doesn’t scare me to work!”

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REDS Racing air filter oil

REDS Racing have introduced their high-quality air filter oil. REDS air filter oil is a specific lubricant designed for foam air filters on Off-Road engines.

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The air filter oil is blue in colour for easy application. It’s a super tacky, water repellent formula which helps to reduce sand and dust from entering the engine, it repels water without affecting engine breathing. In this way, it helps to extend the life of your engine.

Espinel & Bruck win at The Force Series Rd7


This past weekend was held the seventh round of The Force Series at River Rat Racetrack in East Palatka, Florida. XRAY’s Kayla Espinel was the top qualifier in the Intermediate Nitro Truggy class while Serpent’s Christian Bruck took the TQ in the Intermediate E-Buggy class. In the 25 minute Nitro Truggy final Kayla pulled away and kept expanding his lead and after five minutes she was a lap up. XRAY’s Jason Frank and TLR’s Duane Sizemore rounded out the top 3.

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XRAY XB4 medium hardness chassis side guards

XRAY have introduced medium hardness chassis side guards for the XB4. These optional medium-hardness side guards are softer than the hard side guards, and are a great tuning part for chassis flex adjustment. The side guards were redesigned to allow the motor to be positioned as low as possible on the chassis to improve cornering speed and stability.


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T-Work’s aluminum glow plug igniters

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T-Work’s have introduced two aluminium glow plug igniters, one being featured with a voltage meter in the cap. Both come with an aluminium body with a grey anodised finish and work with any 1.2V cell (not included) that can be easily changed if the cell is damaged or needs to be recharged. The glow plug igniter with a voltage meter will let you know if the glow plug in the engine is damaged (red = broken, green = ok).

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Islikon Offroad Masters Rd1 report


This past weekend was held the first Islikon Offroad Masters. In 4wd XRAY driver Kevin Prinz managed to take the TQ in front of his teammate Adi Riederer. In the Finals Kevin was able to take the win in front of another XRAY driver Elias Ehrmann in second and Riederer in third. In 2wd Benjamin Moos took the win in front of Roger Frei and XRAY driver Martin Weidmann. Martin dominated the Stadium Truck class by winning three wins from Reto Kellenberger and XRAY’s Silvio Pietroboni in second and third respectively.

AMain’s Black Friday sale

Our dear friends at AMain Hobbies have announced the long-awaited Black Friday sale! Hit up using the code “BF12017” for a 10% storewide sale! Runs until the 26th November.

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JQ Racing BLACK Edition Friday Sale

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In honour of the BLACK Edition JQ Racing have introduced THE best Black Edition Friday Sale. For anyone buying a BLACK Edition Spec-Q Buggy, JQ will include the following items for free:

  • REDS R5R v4.0 Motor
  • 2 x Savöx 1272 Servos

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