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Boy Witsarut wins Thai vs. Foreign race at ASIA Contest


After having TQ snatched away from him in the dying moments of qualifying on Saturday, Boy Witsarut showed everyone that he is a definite ASIA Contest title challenger by promptly going out and winning the special Thai vs. Foreigner race event held after quali. The race started out with Wataru on pole followed by Witsarut and Hara, the front trio battling until Hara fell back at which point Witsarut & Wataru were swapping positions every couple of laps, having a great battle out front. Hara would climb back to third after a disappointing start but further problems relegated him from the fight, Zac Ryan had a shot at 2nd place but couldn’t quite do enough to get past Wataru on the closing lap, Boy Witsarut taking a win by a comfortable margin after an exciting start.

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Bittydesign’s style & brand reboot


In the midst of our ASIA Contest event coverage, one of the most immediately obvious features was the ‘new look’ logo and styling from event creators Bittydesign – a fresh new looking logo complimenting the ambiance and vibe of the event not to mention underlining Bittydesign’s credentials as one of the leaders in design and brand in the RC market.

We spoke with Bittydesign frontman Davide Rabitti about the rebrand, Davide explaining that it was time for a ‘freshen up’ and a ‘big change’. With the 10-year anniversary coming next year, it was time to improve the image for a cleaner, simpler and stronger brand identity – Davide & his brother Stefano not content with the old style, not truly representing the brand ethos anymore.


The rebrand includes new distinctive logo as well as new ‘Bd’ icon – the new look a departure from the previous graffiti / grunge style and represents a new ‘higher level’, Davide going on to say, “the past is over, the rebrand is a new era – Bittydesign 2.0 – innovation will come through a full rebranding, the name is the same for the World’s #1 Italian RC body manufacturer but it is like a new company.”

Along with the rebrand is a brand new website on it’s way, Bittydesign have released a landing page which will countdown till their shiny new site goes live – its set to be a ground-up professional design with interactive features for customers and partners alike. Expect bodies galore, sweet design flowing through the brand new responsive website & more.

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After 9 years the Bittydesign rebrand comes at the perfect time, the company with a worldwide reputation for high quality products – here’s hoping ‘Bittydesign 2.0’ brings even more innovation & style in the future.

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Video: A Lap with Atsushi Hara


Wataru snatches ASIA Contest TQ


Q1 TQ: Zac Ryan, Q2 & Q4 Witsarut R., Atsushi Hara Q3, Wataru Takashiro Q5 & Q6

Wataru Takashiro overcame a slightly sluggish start to his 6 round qualifying campaign but hit his fullspeed stride TQ’ing Q5 & Q6, the only man to manage a 12 lap run during qualifying, after switching from medium to soft AKA Impact tyres after a few drops of rain, it made his car faster and he capitalised thus denying Agama’s ‘Boy’ Witsarut R. a fairytale TQ having occupied that spot for so long until Wataru crescendo’d. Atsushi Hara lines up 3rd, under the radar as he suffered setbacks in qualifying from a broken engine to mystery issues, a recovery drive from him, questions remain as to the strength of his package, but can anyone match Hara’s long-run pace ?

Limited internet connectivity limits us to very short videos.

4th Q1 TQ Zac Ryan, the Aussie racer delighted with this morning’s result but feeling his car was finished before qualifying was over, its fair to say the PRC track is brutal on cars, high speed, large jumps, sandpaper surface, it eats chassis’ making them razor sharp with small scorings.

Saturday Qualifying Photos

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Wataru TQ’s Q5, Witsarut in control


Round 5 and Wataru Takashiro lit the MP9′s afterburners setting the fastest time of qualifying despite the slowly deteriorating track, provisional TQ Witsarut R. looked on form however he got taken out by car #6 of Charlee P. in a bit of a robust move damaging Witsarut’s hopes of a TQ shot, ending up a strong 3rd though behind a resurgent Atsushi Hara, the first man in the top 3 not to be doing triple single, rather preferring the double double (slower) option.

Saturday Qualifying Photos