Cragg overnight TQ with only Q5 left


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Sunday’s practice sessions were all about Jared Tebo, and so it seemed to continue as the defending 2WD World Champion eased to TQ in Q1 despite an unscripted crash early on, Spencer Rivkin showed the early signs of form that sees him sitting 2nd overall, however it wasn’t until Q2 where overnight TQ Neil Cragg came good. He’s always had the pace and overcoming a hefty crash in Q1, he eased to TQ in round 2 as Tebo made a few errors, once again Rivkin netting 3rd for the round.

“Rolling back the years” – Neil Cragg

spencer tebo ECSA1922 ECSA1810

Day 3 Photo Gallery

Round 3 and normal service resumed with Tebo ontop, however not after a close encounter with Cragg who led during parts of the heat, a grip roll would cost the Brit as Tebo overcame a bit of traffic to make it two TQs from three. Round 4 and once again Jared saw some errors creep into his driving – everyone pushing very hard whilst it was now Spencer Rivkin leading the show only to be pipped on the last lap by Neil Cragg – 2WD World Champion all the way back in 2005, a relaxed Cragg saying that his car’s been good all the way through and not changing anything through qualifying.


Few would have picked Spencer Rivkin as the name to be occupying P2 with a single round of quali to go, but having quickly burst on the scene last year, nurtured by Team Associated’s driver program as well as the likes of Maifield, the future is here and now, the kid can drive and has shown the best consistency amongst the top guys with two 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th.

ECSA2654 ECSA2593 ECSA2559 ECSA2535

In 3rd Jared Tebo, the man who looked unstoppable yesterday may well still end up taking the top spot for quali and looks a strong shout for Tuesday’s mains – the only man to dip below the 17 sec laptime, however two off rounds (8th & 18th… by his standards) were a bit of a surprise. Cavalieri sits slightly below the radar in 4th but come gameday, he’ll be there, no doubt. Lee Martin’s had a bit of a rocky start to the Worlds but his 18 lap run in Q4 hauled in some much needed points, its clear however that the Associateds & Kyosho drivers are performing the best on the track / rumble strip section which seems to decide quite a lot of the laptime.

Qual Points after Q4

qual po

AE releases new ProSC 4×4 ‘Factory Team’ shock kit

ProSC Shocks

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Team Associated upgrades the ProSC 4×4 short course truck with the all-new option aluminum threaded shock kit. Gain finer ride height adjustments and the strength of aluminum with these 16mm x 25mm threaded shocks. The #7262 shock kit is a direct replacement for the ProSC 4×4’s #7236 molded shock kit. The aluminum threaded shock bodies are also sold separately, #7261. If you have a Team Associated ProLite 4×4 truck or ProRally, you can adapt these 16mm shocks to your vehicle with the #7263 16mm Shock Mounting Kit, and two pairs of 16mm shock springs (#7232, #7233, #7234.)

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DKT releases ‘Verry’ inspired weighted flywheels

DKT Flywheel

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The collaboration between all Italian DKT and Riccardo Verardo “Verry”, has produced its first results. A series of flywheels with different masses, which allow the driver to adjust the curve of engine output to the conditions of the track. Increasing the weight you get a more controlled delivery and suitable for tracks with difficult terrain. Available in 32mm and 34mm sizes.

Team Associated ‘welcomes back’ Shawn Ireland


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Team Associated is proud to announce the appointment of Shawn Ireland as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Shawn’s responsibilities include the leadership of our global sales effort, and developing new and effective marketing strategies.

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Shawn began his R/C career during the 1980s as a pro driver for Team Associated under the supervision of then Team Manager, Mike Reedy. No stranger to his newest role, Shawn returns to Team Associated with a wealth of R/C industry experience, having served as President of HPI in the U.S. and as a Vice President at Horizon Hobby.

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JConcepts drives the B5M with new spring-steel CVA’s

JConcepts CVAs

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The drive system on any vehicle is critical but in offroad racing where long stroke suspensions are commonplace, CVA performance is vital. JConcepts introduces a Team Associated B5/B5M CVA set built for performance, durability and a high dose of glamour. The design is based around the HD 5mm axle diameter which is able to stand up to a rigorous demands of today’s racing. The bones have been machined of spring steel material for the ultimate in durability and performance and inserted with hardened steel pins on the drive ends.

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Ogden leads REDS Racing sweep at Big Bend Shootout

Cole Ogden

REDS Racing celebrates after a successful weekend at the 2015 Big Bend Shootout. Team driver, Cole Ogden, locked up a solid TQ and win in both Pro Buggy and Pro Truggy classes. To further the REDS success, fellow teammate Eddy Cordoba would take second in both classes, with Alfredo Arrieta taking third in truggy.


EFRA 1/10 40+ Championship returns to Vaasa for 2016


After successful pilot 1/10 Electric Buggy event for 40+ drivers in August, organizers announce the event is coming back in 2016. For 2015, the goal was to build a pilot race for 40+ drivers and see how the concept works. The concept was to provide high quality racing event, but also to keep things relaxed and offer something extra compared to the usual airport-track-hotel experience. All these additionals programs were appreciated by the drivers and mechanics.

One of the drivers participating the race in August was David “DC” Church, and this is what he had to say about the event, “I’ve had probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a race meeting! The Vaasa team have done the most Amazing organisation I’ve ever seen. From a perfectly prepared track to a proper pit area and great food including a home cooked lunch with a lunch break so you can take your time to eat. The events away from the track added a fantastic opportunity to see parts of Finland. Power Park is unbelievable. The Mika Salo go kart track is probably the best in the world. Google both and have a look. A massive thank you to all involved. From the organisers and the racers!”

Next year will keep the same concept and just develop it further. The event has been planned to be organized in early August, and a date will be confirmed after the EFRA AGM. The race will be held at Vaasa, Finland and it will be organized by the same club as 2011 IFMAR Electric Buggy Worlds.

Video: 2015 Worlds walkabout

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Cragg sneaks Q4 from Rivkin


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2WD Results: Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4Qual Points after Q4

Round 4 and a pattern has emerged… Tebo, Cragg, Tebo… Cragg! Scary stuff eh!

Q4 didn’t quite play out as we’d expected, Tebo opened up with a stonker of a first lap 17.117, but promptly crashed on the next lap as he clipped the corner cutting cones and had to be marshalled by Martin Bayer, further errors on lap 4,5 made it a round to forget for the reigning 2WD Champion.

ECSA3100 ECSA3101 ECSA3103 ECSA3180

Immediately assuming the pacesetter baton was Neil Cragg until lap 5 where he had an issue and an epic showdown with Spencer Rivkin ensued, some tardy laps helped to spice it all up as Rivkin lapped consistently with Numedahl not far behind, it wasn’t until lap 13 where he had a slight error, Cragg was able to close in. Young Spencer put in a brilliant drive but Cragg had to dig deep to grind out a Q4 TQ only pipping his Team (Associated) mate by just over 2/10ths.

Spencer Rivkin, title contender? With the drives he’s put in over 4 rounds, you can’t discount him and he’s no outsider.

ECSA3097 ECSA3094 ECSA3139ECSA3116

Finally coming good but leaving it late was Lee Martin, in the B heat he had a poor first lap but then knuckled down and produced a sublime 18 lap run, visibly pleased and relieved as he debriefed with Yokomo’s Shin Adachi prior to marshalling – that run should give him some much-required confidence going into tomorrow’s final deciding round of qualifying and finals.


Whilst filming our walkabout video we spoke with several drivers who expressed their frustrations concerning the rubber rumble strip section (or Japanese 5 spice), for all but the top 2/3 it would seem to be a lottery whether you can get through there cleanly without a bobble or worse a crash. More obstacle than feature is probably the kindest description we’ve heard. Pit rumblings suggest that drivers are gathering together and if they find collective traction, try and question it’s inclusion in the track even to the point of attempting a forced removal.



Q4 2WD

2WD Q3 – Top Heat, Tebo vs. Cragg

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