2016 EURO Contest Main Buggy Final

Watch the full length 45 minute final from last weekend’s EURO Contest in Italy featuring the likes of Marco Baruffolo, Alex Zanchettin, Davide Ongaro and Joseph Quagraine racing it out on the Barco Track!

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Haatanen & Valander win at Electric Buggy Nordic Champs

Electric Buggy Nordic Champs 2wd


The Electric Buggy Nordic Championship was held in Vaasa on the 2011 WC track. Weather forecast was not looking good before weekend. Friday’s free practice was cancelled…On Saturday morning the track was flooded with water but track crew did amazing job drying the track. Controlled practice started in muddy conditions. The 2wd class was tricky for everyone in slippy conditions but Joona Haatanen took TQ and Joel Valander was starting second and Karri Salmela third. Joona won first two mains. After three finals Joona Haatanen was winner and Joel Valander came second.

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Christopher Krapp sweeps North German regionals Rd3

North German regionals Rd3 Krapp

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Last weekend was held the round three of the North German regionals at the bumpy astroturf track in Celle near from Hanover. On his debut race for Schumacher, Christopher Krapp TQ’s all rounds of qualifying and wins all 3 legs of the A Final in 2wd. Here is what he had to say:

“Last Sunday on 19th June I travelled down to Celle for the qualification round for the German Nats in the Northern region. This was my first race offroad for nearly 1.5 years and also my first race for my new offroad sponsor Schumacher. We arrived pretty early on Sunday morning to get a few batteries in and get a feeling for the car. At this race I only attended the 2wd class, as I wanted to concentrate on only one car. I instantly had a good feel to the car and I was impressed how good the steering was and also how much forward traction I had.

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Danish Nationals Rd4 report

Danish Nationals Rd4 2wd


Race report by Mike Gosvig:

The 4th round of Danish off-road nationals was held in Sommersted at a private ground track, it a super high bite track with a technical layout. The day before the race me and my teammate Christian Lassen tested a lot of setups for both the XB4 and XB2 and ended with really good cars! I made lap records in the 4wd on fastest lap and also a 15 lap run, so car was on pace! The XB2 I was on of 3 where made the same fastest lap time.

 The car was super easy to drive but on race day the track was slower and with lower grip, I think because of the hotter conditions. I finished all qualys in 2nd place position, to start 2nd on the grid for the main. Frederik Hovgaard’s car look glued to the track compared to the other cars and he was also on TQ!

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Ruddog tyre glue bands

Ruddog tyre glue bands

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Ruddog have introduced new tyre glue bands, the perfect solution to optimse your tire glueing process. The special selected length will push the tires with a perfect strength towards the wheels and fit 1/10 and 1/8 tires aswell. The 25mm width will distribute the forces not only on the tire carcass, but also on the entire tire and improve so your glueing result. The bands come in packs of 4pcs.

Bali Fun Race report

Bali Fun Race podium


Race report by Jason Nugroho:

The Bali Fun Race was held on 19th of June 2016 at WillSon Track, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Drivers from Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, Kendari, Medan and Bali attended this event. The race format should be 4 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying times with 3 best rounds to count. Due to rain at qualifying rd 4, race director decided to count 2 best rounds of 3 qualifying. After 3 times qualification, I got TQ and I went to final A.

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RDRP Ultra heat shield tape



Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all-new Ultra heat shield tape. The special, woven structure makes for ultra-high rigidity that is further supported by the foam-padded support layer. Overall the tape is nearly 1mm thick, making for exceptional protection against both heat and mechanical impacts. The extra-flexible tape is ideal to keep nitro fuel tanks from expanding due to exhaust heat, it keeps bodyshells from melting due to engine and exhaust heat when applied from the inside and it also is usable to reinforce or repair bodyshells. The Ultra heat shield tape is available in convenient 100cm rolls from now on.

Xceed TH-2 1/8 tyre heater set

Xceed TH-2 tyre heater set

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Xceed have introduced new version of the TH-2 tyre heater. Indeed Xceed already have a tyre heater set with alu cups for 1/10 TC racing for many years and now Xceed also offers the belts for 1/8 GT, 1/8 buggy and 1/10 F1 also separate and also as sets with the Xceed TH-2 included. The TH-2 tyre heater case is made out of strong anodised lightweight aluminium, green & black colored. It has an easy to use menu is accessed through the padded buttons on the front and the clear screen. The tyre belts connect easily to the main case with a socket on each side. The TH-2 tyre heater case is equipped with an USB connector who can be used to connect the TH-2 to your pc, for temperature readouts. The TH-2 connects to your power-supply with the included cables with high quality connectors.

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AMS 7.0 support for Serpent drivers

ams serpent

See: Serpent

Serpent have announced that they will be present at the Alabama Manufacturer Shootout 7.0 in Alabama again with a strong team of Serpent drivers including Hanna, Easton and Ciccarello to provide service and support for all Serpent drivers.

Steven Hartson doubles at JRBL Electric Rd4


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Round 4 of the JRBL Electric took place under the sunny skies of Huntington Beach at the OCRC Raceway, currently the home of the prestigious Reedy Off-Road Race of Champions. The field for the Modified 4wd class was heavily stacked by many top drivers from Southern California. Steven Hartson proved to be the one to beat by nearly laying down the only 15-lap run of the day; missing it by less than a second. Teammate Jake Mayo started on the number-three spot for the six-minute main event. At the sound of the tone, Hartson made a slight mistake and gave Jake Mayo the lead. Unfortunately for Mayo, Hartson took the lead back from him on lap five and checked out from the field. Mayo ended up in the third spot.

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